Debito – fintech within debt collection

For the fintech company Debito, disruption and innovation does not have to be a “sexy” and trendy industry. The company aims to be the next fintech startup within the industry of debt collection.

One of the biggest industries for the next wave of disruption and innovation is the financial sector, where banks and financial institutions are targets of the “fintech revolution”. Looking abroad their might be a ton of fintech solutions, but in Denmark we also have our own fintech startups. The Danish fintech revolution has started mostly with Business-2-Consumer products for the private market with services like Spiir – a budgetting app for private persons, June – a simple investment app for people who is not used to invest and finally of course Mobile Pay – a direct payment platform between private people and businesses.

An example of a fintech company is Debito. The 2 founders have both suffered from customers who did not pay their invoices in past startup ventures. Therefore, they decided to make it easy for companies to retrieve money from unpaid invoices.

New take on debt collection and fintech

While the industry of debt collection has not evolved significantly for the past 100 years, Debito wants to improve the user experience of the old industry. This involves a dead-simple user interface, a hassle-free service and the latest technologies. Finally, the 2 founders just want help fellow entrepreneurs.

Debito has also been present to several of the andStartups events as participants and speakers.


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