We can’t do all this without our precious partners + sponsors and their invaluable support.

IDA Young Professionals

IDA Young Professionals is a cross-disciplinary network for students and recent graduates with a technical and/or scientific background. IDA Young Professionals hosts events such as conferences, courses, go-home-meetings, company visits, research trips, talks and much more. The events are planned in close cooperation with universities, companies and network partners. We are planning approximately 20 events a year, large and small, all over Denmark.
IDA Young Professionals is the key collaborator of the AAU Inkubator and plays a big part in making this whole thing possible. Follow IDA Young Professionals on Facebook for updates on events near you!

Royal Beer

Royal Beer is the awesome sponsor of beer and Faxe Kondi Boosters to the AAU Inkubator events. We are most grateful to this fantastic organization and the next time you’re downtown – Please. Choose a Royal Beer product. It’s just better. 🙂

Venture Cup

Venture Cup is a nationwide non-profit organization that seeks to discover and develop university startups. Venture Cup represents all Danish universities, and we engage professionals from the private and public sector in the development of the startups. Our core activities are: Competitions, mentoring, idea development and networking.  Participating in the Venture Cup competitions is a unique opportunity to get feedback on your business idea, meet potential investors, win both cash and product prizes and significantly boost your startup.
Venture Cup is one of the key collaborators of AAU Inkubator and the regional manager of the organisation is working for AAU Innovation as well. One of the goals of AAU Inkubator is to send much more AAU Startups to the Venture Cup finals. You can read more about there organisation here.

Business Model Design Center

Business Model Design Center (BMDC) is one of the world’s leading research units dedicated to business models and business model innovation. We conduct world-class research and have created the first and only academic journal solely focusing on business models. A major part of our research is done with real companies as we are dedicated to mastering the skill of designing better businesses for the future. Our expertise is therefore used today both in research project and business development projects. We are also behind the New Venture Creation semester at AAU, which is the only entrepreneurship course in Denmark where the students learn by doing actual entrepreneurship by starting a company within a semester.

BMDC is one of AAU Inkubator’s main collaborators when it comes to education and workshop development. BMDC will be present as experts at the events and educate at the second business development workshop.


If you have a business idea Igangz is the new entrepreneur hotspot in Aalborg, which gives students the possibility to work on their ideas and start up their own company, while being in close contact with the entrepreneurship experts of the organisation.

Igangz is located at Brettevillesgade near Nordkraft, where it is possible to rent-free get your own office space and use facilities such as conference- and meeting rooms. Besides using the office space and other facilities, it is possible to meet other students from a variety of different schools and with different educational backgrounds.
Igangz has been a collaborator of AAU Innovation and SEA for many years and will provide expertise and mentorship for our AAU Inkubator participants.


Kickstart Aalborg is a voluntary organization dedicated to supporting and promoting student entrepreneurship in and around Aalborg. We host and participate in various events all year round. Our core elements are “Networking,” “Openness” and “Support,” and based on these we are here to help you get started! Come say hello when you see us or find us on www.Kickstartaalborg.dk or on our facebook page.

Kickstart Aalborg started as a subsidiary of SEA and AAU Innovation and has now evolved into an independent, professional organization. They will attend the AAU Inkubator workshops and provide expert advice.


NextNord is a free network that aims to create a community for the digital and tech entrepreneurs in Northern Jutland. Join our Facebook Group NextNord and participate in our free events, where you will meet other dedicated entrepreneurs from Northern Jutland. Maybe someone has been in your situation, and you can learn from their experience, or you can help someone else. NextNord is an initiative by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. – See you at our next Friday bar?


EmpEir_LOGO_whiteEmpEir is part of Eir – Empowering Industry and Research – a research and business park in North Denmark. Focusing on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship EmpEir seeks to motivate and support students at School of Medicine and Health, Aalborg University by nurturing students’ ideas for future health solutions with a commercial potential. On the path from idea to realization, EmpEir encourages and helps students take the first steps. EmpEir aims to help create an inspiring study environment and to facilitate development of the students’ network by offering lectures and workshops –  and not least an entrance into Eir’s network of international and local collaboration partners.